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Study In The USA: Wish List Of Gifts To Ask Your Santa As An International Student This Christmas


Are you about to go studying in the USA this January 2023 and wondering what to ask for this holiday season from your Santa? Look no further! Here is a wish list of useful and meaningful gifts to help you embark on an exciting new chapter in your life. And don't forget to share this article with your Santa friend or family looking for proper gift ideas for you in your farewell before you leave for the USA.

A laptop: Your Study Buddy

As a student in the United States, a reliable laptop is essential for completing loads of assignments, conducting stressful research, and staying connected with your snobbish professors and not-so-snobbish classmates. It is your ultimate study buddy. Consider asking for a laptop with long battery life and a durable design to withstand the rigors of student life in the USA.

A backpack: Your Campus Buddy

A good backpack is a must-have campus buddy for any student, and it's especially important if you're planning to study in the USA. Look for a backpack with plenty of pockets and compartments to keep all your essentials organized, as well as padded straps and a comfortable fit to help you carry it around campus all day.

A Pressure Cooker: Your Kitchen Buddy

A pressure cooker is a popular and convenient way to cook food quickly, and it can be especially used for students who are short on time and may be living in a small space with limited cooking equipment. You can enjoy a variety of home-cooked meals while you are studying in the USA. It will be your kitchen buddy, so make sure you get it as a farewell gift from your Santa.

A Warm Coat: Your Cold Weather Buddy

Depending on where you will be studying in the USA, you may need a warm coat to help you stay comfortable in freezing cold weather. Ask your Santa friend to give you your cold weather buddy and ask him/her to look for one made of water-resistant material with a hood to keep you dry on those wet days.

A Practical and Stylish Luggage Set: Your Travel Buddy

You will likely be doing a lot of traveling back and forth between your home country and the USA or within different states of the USA. You will need a travel buddy in the form of reliable luggage. Ask your Santa friend to look for Options with plenty of storage space and features like 360-degree spinner wheels and built-in TSA locks for added security.


  1. Photo collage of your loved ones
  2. Some Cash
  3. Universal  portable charger
  4. A coffee mug with something meaningful written on it
  5. Good wishes in the form of books like the Bible., Quran or Gita

These all are gifts that your Santa friends or family can give, but make sure to be your own Santa and gift yourself a wonderful cultural experience, travel experience, and learning experience while in the USA. Be resilient, open-minded, persistent, and humble; enjoy the most out of your  US university experience, and have a successful career ahead.

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