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Fall Intake In the US: How Will UniPort Help You?


Fall Intake is the most popular option among students as it provides a more diverse range of courses and has a higher volume of funding opportunities.

As a thumb of rule, the application for this session usually starts in early December and some of the universities even start accepting the application from January.

If you are an early bird and have already made a decision, you can start early admission around November. However, you can also opt for regular admission which is generally done after December.

Class Start period August
Popular Courses Computer Science, Business Analytics, Marketing Analytics, Liberal Arts

University And Course Selection

Choose your University or college with the course of your interest

Though it may look like an easy choice, however, you have to be really careful to choose a right-fit university with a program that matches your interest. Also, it actually helps to shortlist 2 to 3 universities so that you can finalize on “the one”!

How does UniPort help?

Our US-educated counselors will assess your academic profile and help you decide which university and program might be your fit.

If you already have a certain university and program in mind, we will help you build your profile to match it. If not, we will create the top 3 right-fit universities with programs made just for you!

Fulfill Entry Requirements: SAT & Language Tests

Fulfill all the test requirements

Usually, the entry requirement of most US universities is the language test (IELTS / TOEFL / PTE).

Here, the SAT is not a compulsion to apply to universities; however, adding it to your documents may prove your seriousness towards the study.

Moving on, generally, universities ask for an IELTS score of 6 not less than 5.5 for the undergrad and 6.5 not less than 6 for grads.

Having said that, it is only wise to confirm the requirements first with the university guidelines.

How does UniPort help?

Our prep classes are run by US graduates who know the tests in and out and have also been through them.

In this journey, our team is led by Mr. Ashish Shrestha, who graduated from an Ivy League university and has a SAT score of 1560.

Start Application: Finalise SOP, LOR, & CV

Let us help you stand out among the others 

As soon as your documents are ready, the application process starts. These documents include your academic transcripts, aptitude and language test scores, Statement of Purpose (SOP), Letter of Recommendation (LOR), and CV.

Here, the documents do vary with different university, college, or program requirements. Hence, you should always double-check with the applying university.

How does UniPort help?

Our team comprises experts who will help you personalize your application to make it stand out among the other applicants. We provide you membership class where the counsellors will provide all the crucial details about applying to the US. During the phase, we guide you to personalize your SOP in a manner that is unique to you.

DS160 & US Visa Interview Dates

We will guide you throughout

Right after getting your I-20, you will be required to fill out your DS 160 form by visiting the Online Non-immigration Visa Application. Immediately after, you should book your visa interview date at the CGI Federal Portal.

How does UniPort help?

DS160 is a long-form so before you fill it out yourself, we guide you with the details of the form. After you have filled it out, we move on to help you book the visa dates.

One of the hardest parts of the US journey is booking the interview dates due to its limited number. So, when we know about the opening of visa dates, we are the first to inform you.

SEVIS & Visa Application Fees

It is required to pay $350 for SEVIS and $160 for application ten days before your visa interview.

How does UniPort help?

At UniPort, we do provide the facility to help you pay your application fee through us.

Visa Interview

Ace your visa interview with us

We are now at the final stage of our journey where you must give your all to convince the visa officer. The whole interview is based on your genuineness, mindset to return, and financial capacity.

How does UniPort help?

We organize visa interview prep classes to give you the real feel of the day. Additionally, if your visa date is at bay, we ensure you extra attention to make you feel confident and crack the interview.

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