31 Dec 20233 min read

New Year Resolutions To Study Abroad!


With the 2023 season coming to an end, it’s the time of the year yet again to create resolutions, and vision boards, and manifest them.

Keeping your abroad study plans in mind, how about we dive into new resolutions to keep this year? If this idea excites you, follow along.

I’ll Allow Myself To Enjoy Everyday!

Enjoy every day!

While daily work and study for improvement is necessary, it is equally crucial to to have fun and enjoy life. Where do you fall? In your teens? Early 20s??

It's just the age where you should be enjoying all you can, as a positive and happy mindset will only help you with the hard work that falls after.

I’ll Keep Myself On Schedule!

Be punctual!

Being punctual is a skill that should be boasted! Most of the people are unable to fulfil and run through the schedule. This year, promise yourself to do everything on time instead of fumbling over the deadline.

Well, it’s even a secret to help in your application process as the admission officers will take you as a serious student.

I’ll Sincerely Try To Improve My English Level!

Being proficient in a language that is not your native is a flex!

Mastering the English Language is another flex! It gets you everywhere, almost every corner of the world. So adding at least a proficiency level of the language is a bonus.

It also helps you with your abroad application when you are taking tests such as IELTS/PTE/TOEFL. You should diligently start improving it or use fun methods such as watching English movies or reading English books and newspapers.

I’ll Open Up To Make New Friends!

New friends, new experiences, and new network!

Often communication and creating new friends expands your network and horizon to something new experience. You are at the age of experimenting with what might be right for you.

Also, good news, it will boost your confidence!

I’ll Never Give Up On My Dreams But Will Get Help If Needed!

The magic is in the consistent effort!

It's not an easy task preparing to study abroad. So, any roadblocks might disappoint you and push you to the edge. Hence, give yourself a break every now and then, and don’t forget to enjoy!

After the break, promise yourself to come back to the problem, figure out the issue and solve it. If it overwhelms you, ask for professional help!

Our team at UniPort is always on the go to help you through the roadblocks. Our young team will assist you to identify and put an end to the problem.

So, hold on tight, party hard, and with a peaceful sleep, we are in to start another chapter of the year!

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