19 Jan 20242 min read

Why Personalised Academic Counselling Is Needed For My Abroad Study?


Every application journey is unique, with its own set of work to be done, which eventually demands a personalised process.

Hence, personalised academic counselling is needed to provide you with tailored guidance, a right-fit university with profile assessment, and one-on-one application assistance.

Profile Assessment

Studying abroad comes with multiple questions at once.

“Which country might fit me or where should I apply as per my budget?”

“Which may be my right-fit university and course?”

“How do I start an application? Language tests? Are there any other tests?”

If you are not able to answer any of these questions, a study abroad counsellor will assess your academic profile thoroughly and guide you accordingly towards the right-fit university.

Additionally, even if you have a clear path on which university and course to go for, they will guide you throughout and help you build a profile with added tests or preparations.

One-on-one Application Assistance

Studying anywhere in the world is followed by a multitude of forms to fill out and several paperwork to accomplish. Even when almost everything is available today in a single tap, some paperworks are quite long and sensitive hence, even a small error might lead to rejection.

Therewith, a study abroad counsellor will help you navigate through the journey and assist you in getting the maximum scholarship amount and assistantship opportunities while also shouldering your stress.

Tailored Guidance

A study counsellor knows the study abroad journey in and out. From path confusion to financial stress or even academic troubles, experts will console and help you move forward. They work out a personal timeline as per your unique preferences.

What Sets UniPort’s Counsellors Apart?

We believe that every application process is never “One Size Fits All!” Hence, personalising the process with counsellors as per your needs will strengthen your profile, provide an added amount of scholarship, and even increase your chances of assistantship opportunities.

With UniPort, we can make it happen. You Can Do It!

It's not just you with this journey; in fact, we have US-educated counsellors who have done this multiple times before gathering 250+ visas over 2 years. Apart from their knowledge, we are equipped with exclusive webinars where you will get a chance to come and talk one-on-one with the university representatives themselves.

If this seems like your call, book your seat with us, and we’ll guarantee full satisfaction with our service.

Whether you may be looking for a genuine guide, a helping hand on your application process, or just a last-minute touch-up with visa prep, UniPort stands for your help.

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